Sunday, December 19, 2010

1998 Haro DV8 Megatube

I spotted this frame and fork last year and had to have it because of it's over-sized main tube and cool geometry. There aren't many DV8s to be found as a reference for restoration so I rebuilt it with custom parts, colors and decals. The rear dropouts were enlarged to accept a 14mm axle and 9t casette freewheel. A very solid, one of a kind, mid-school rider. This bike is also one of 12 winners of the BMX Museum winter build off and is featured as the January bike of the 2011 calendar.



FRAME: 1998 Haro DV8 Megatube
FORK: Haro HEADSET: Stock Haro
STEM: SR BARS: Haro [unkown] copies
DETANGLER: 1" Gyro with Odyssey detangler mechanisim (brand new)
GRIPS: A'me rounds (brand new)
BRAKE LEVERS: Dia Compe Tech 77 (brand new)
BRAKES: Dia-Compe 883 Nippon (brand new)
BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop (brand new)
BOTTOM BRACKET: Odyssey sealed cartridge (brand new)
PEDALS: Haro Recycled PC Pedals (brand new)
CHAINRING: Primo 25t (brand new)
CHAIN: Yaban S410 nickel & black BMX chain (brand new)
FRONT WHEEL: Aray 7X copy (brand new), unsealed low flange hub
REAR WHEEL: Aray 7X copy (brand new), Macneil sealed cartridge casette, 9t
SPOKES: Stainless steel (brand new)
PEGS: Steel x4 (brand new)
TIRES: Odyssey Frequency G Klyte Tanwall Tire 1.85" (brand new)
SEAT: Viscount Dominator (brand new)
SEATPOST: Uno microadjust layback (brand new)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2000 Dyno Compe

I've owned a few Dynos over my lifetime but this one is the newest to date. This started out as a pretty plain, dark blue Compe with a lot of weathered parts. I shined up what I could and replaced several others from I've always loved the sticker bomb look so I went for it on this one. It's the epitome of mid-school bikes (or tanks) as it weighs about 38 lbs. Stay out of its path... ;-)

Friday, December 3, 2010

1995 GT Fueler

Another bike I always coveted but never owned was a GT Pro Series racer. This '95 GT Fueler has all the looks and style of the older race bikes with bigger and beefier tubes and dropouts, which I like (and need). I really enjoy mixing old-school flair into a newer model bike and this one turned way better than I expected. The rims came from an older Robinson I picked up on Craigslist and really didn't go with the red, white and blue decals on that chrome frame. I created these custom decals to match the wheels and everything else just fell into place. One light (26.5 lbs) and fast bike, it's a blast to ride.